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Petite, tall, Sizes 0-20, and of course,
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How do i find my
chico's size?

We get that question a lot. It's easy to
understand why with our unique 000-4
size range. Not to worry, each Chico's
size has a corresponding size you're
more familiar with. See for yourself…

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5'4" and under? These pieces
proportioned to fit and
flatter you
(and they're never
short on style.)


Look on the plus side—the more
sizes the better. As in sizes 18-20
(Chico's sizes 3.5-4).


If height is your superpower,
got you. Find select
pants, jeans and
tops in tall,
exclusively online!


Though you're certainly not
your size may be.
Good news:
We have a lot for
you to love.